Toxic Avengers: Detoxifying Spa Treatments

Straight from the SpaGirl handbook, “toxic” refers to any person, thing or situation that muddies one’s spiritual or physical growth. Toxins can manifest their spiteful little selves in everything from the air we breathe, the food we eat, to the buildings we live and work in. It’s no wonder that the superhero of chemical spills, the Toxic Avenger, is such a scary looking dude — he’s full of the noxious invaders. Lucky for us, we don’t need a hideously deformed superhero to drive toxins screaming from our bodies and instead, a quiet day at the spa ought to do the trick. Leave your toxins and cares behind with these spa cures.

Mineral Body Wraps

Wrapped snuggly from head to toe in mineral-soaked Ace bandages, you’ll work out on a glider machine while toxins stored in fat cells are released from your body. After about an hour, the bandages are removed to reveal hydrated, tightened and toned skin. One happy side effect: you can lose anywhere from 8 to 30 accumulated inches that stay gone from two weeks to two months depending on your diet and lifestyle.
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Seaweed Wraps

Your body is first gently exfoliated and then slathered in a mineral-rich seaweed mask. While the seaweed stimulates your body’s own elimination process, you’ll be cocooned in a heated thermal wrap to help purge uninvited toxins through the sweating process. For an extra punch, try a steam bath or sauna for 10 to 15 minutes after your treatment.
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Lymphatic Massage

Using gentle movements in the direction of your lymphatic flow, the therapist stimulates the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins, clear inflammation within the body, increase the immune response and elicit deep nervous system relaxation. Lymphatic massage is particularly beneficial for those recovering from illness.
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