A tasty DIY lip gloss with extra sparkle.

We love anything that sparkles and the premiere of SPARKLE, on August 17 has us practically jumping out of our spa slippers to get to the theater! We thought we would share an extra sparkly home spa lip treat to celebrate our own local Jordin Sparks movie debut on the big screen.

Here’s what you need:

  • Vaseline or an Un-petroleum Jelly
  • Crystal Light (Steer clear of the greens or blues, try Cherry Pomegranate)
  • Extra fine glitter (try Martha Stewart’s fine glitter)
  • Small container with a lid (hello, dollar store!)
  • Mixing tool like a cotton swab

Here’s what you do:

Fill your small container with your un-petroleum jelly, leaving some room for the mixing process. Add in the Crystal Light powder until you reach the color you desire and then sprinkle in a bit of Sparkle. (Be careful when you add the glitter because if you add too much sparkle your lips may resemble a disco ball.) Finally, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter your results. Your friends will be tremendously impressed!

Voilà! SPARKLE lips on the cheap!

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