Personal Polish

Color Chemistry is easy. With some white nail polish as a base and eye shadow in any color, you can make custom-colored nail polish to match all your favorite outfits. Unless, of course, you favorite is plaid.

Here’s what you need:

  • Eye shadow
  • Paper envelope
  • Bottle of white nail polish

Here’s what you do:

[1] Crumble some or all of the eye shadow into the envelope. Crush it into a fine powder. [2] Snip a corner off the envelope to make a tiny funnel. Open the nail polish bottle and slowly add the eye shadow powder to the polish, stirring with the applicator brush until you reach the desired color. You may need to cap the bottle and shake, shake, shake to get everything blended together. [3] Paint those paws and let dry. Makes one bottle of polish. Source: From Crafty Girl: Beauty by Jennifer Traig and Julianne Balmain.


  1. This is fabulous!!!

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