Jump in Feet First with Reflexology Week

Going into a massage, most expect the whole shebang — a full-body knead sprinkled with aromatherapy and topped off with a soothing scalp rub. That’s why Reflexology, a massage therapy modality focused on feet and hands to relieve stress and chronic pain, isn’t always top pick on the spa menu. According to the Reflexology Association of America, reflexology balances the body by clearing energy pathways and encourages healing with pressure to restore the body’s natural flow. With origins spanning back to Ancient Egypt, India and China, Reflexology didn’t become popular in the Western world until the 1930s with the discovery that pressure-stimulated “zone therapy” on feet and hands links to other areas in the body within the same zone.

Today, we’re all about the relaxing benefits of Reflexology and have heard fellow spa addicts rave about its healing power for injuries, soreness and even pesky neck kinks. Reflexology is safe for all ages can be used to ease chronic conditions like stress, migraines, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances. Try it for yourself from now until September 26 during the World Reflexology Week, a worldwide campaign focused on raising awareness for Reflexology’s health-boosting benefits and encouraging support for local Reflexology businesses. Here’s a sampling of our favorite Reflexology treatments.

Reflexology at Golden Door Spa at The Boulders Resort in Carefree. Begins with a refreshing bamboo scrub for tired feet followed by pressure point stimulation for increased circulation, balance and tension release (50 minutes, $155).

Thahtat/Nohnhov (Reflexology) at Aji Spa at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort in Chandler. Pressure points on hands and feet stimulate specific areas of the body to remove toxins, reduce stress and leave you revitalized. (25 minutes, $75-$95, 50 minutes, $135-$155).

Reflexology at Mozaik Skin & Body in Scottsdale. Targets the hands and feet using trigger points to bring balance to the nervous system (30 minutes, $35).

Reflexology at Dolce Salon & Spa in Chandler, Scottsdale and Peoria. Utilizes reflex points on the feet to relieving pain in corresponding areas while detoxifying tissue and restoring energy (60 minutes, $85).

After you’re hooked, become Reflexology pro at home with Reflexology Gloves ($8) and Reflexology Socks ($9) marked with key points that show you exactly where to apply pressure at BathAddiction.com.

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