Green Cuisine: Local Wellness Advocate Launches Superfood Drink

Valley nutrition and fitness enthusiast, Joyce Emily, churns her passion for healthy living into Basic Greens, a tasty and super easy alternative to juicing.

Eight hours of sleep. Nine cups of water. Four to five cups of fruits and vegetables. Thirty minutes of exercise. And a little meditation for good measure. Sound familiar? Daily recommended requirements seem to dictate how we (should) live our lives. For most of us though, getting through the day is just sheer survival, and health maintenance can be a matter of picking your battles. Yet, anyone can win the war of optimal health with mini victories. Start by triumphing over the battle of fruits and vegetables with a simple green drink solution.

For someone without the budget for a Vitamix and bushels of organic produce, as well as the patience to juice and clean up every day, this is very good news. If you like your health routine to be fast, cheap and easy, then you’ll like Basic Greens. The tasty beverage is 15 servings of fruits and vegetables full of certified organic ingredients, super greens, healthy herbs, enzymes and fiber. (Psst, read on for a special discount on your Basic Greens purchase!)

It’s more than just a nutrient-rich superdrink that provides your daily quota of fruits and veggies. Basic Greens is a nourishing product reflective of nutrition and fitness advocate Joyce Emily’s commitment to living the best life possible.

Scottsdale, Arizona resident Joyce Emily is not only the passion behind the green drink, she’s a wife and mother who isn’t afraid to lift heavy weights and turn her devotion for wellness into a business. She and her husband Luke created Basic Greens after deciding to take control of health issues and turn nutrition and fitness into a lifestyle.

Joyce’s journey started during her pregnancy when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. During the following years, her health spiraled out of control. It took a radical transformation for Joyce to now live a life of radiant health. She celebrates her 44th birthday in two months and proudly says she’s in the best shape of her life.

As an inspiration for others to make life-changing health choices, Joyce opens up about her personal motivation, a life lesson for her younger self, true beauty, and making healthy choices to maximize life’s potential.

True Inspiration

Looking and feeling her best motivates Joyce. Strangers who are curious about her workouts and what she eats fuel her drive to always make healthy lifestyle choices. Joyce’s favorite testimonial? Her 8-year-old son Owen. Seeing him turn down candy makes her heart sing. Owen playing and running fills her heart with joy. Her son is her true inspiration.


Younger Self

If Joyce could impart wisdom on her younger self, she’d tell her to never give up and that shortcuts don’t exist. Joyce admits, she always looked for the quick fix. It took life experience to learn that the easy road and magic pill are illusions. Whether you want a better body, career or relationship, effort requires time, patience and work.

Joyce and her husband couldn’t start their nutrition company frozen by fear or lacking commitment. To start a business, they’ll have to humbly build it brick by brick from the ground up. Embarking on new, crazy adventures is both exciting and scary. It’s a truth never too late to accept.

Real Beauty

Beauty is confidence. Confidence is beauty. Joyce believes that true beauty shines through when women focus on nurturing, caring and tending to their inner selves. The world is attracted to a woman who smiles and laughs. She rejects society’s dictated definition of beauty. She walks with confidence and radiates pure bliss, even if she doesn’t look like a cover model by media standards.

Beauty is looking in the mirror, loving what you see and being able to say, “I love myself.” Beauty is about loving your life and sharing gratitude every day. That’s the drop-dead gorgeous stuff you can’t buy in a beauty salon, says Joyce.


Healthy Choices

Joyce works out four to six days a week and always spends 30 minutes on the stairmaster. She trains hard and lifts weights, emphasizing that heavy lifting doesn’t make women big and bulky. Bulkiness comes from fat, not muscle. Her workouts also include ab exercises, stretching, Bikram yoga, and hiking.

Joyce starts the day powered by a bowl of Bob’s Gluten Free Quick Oatmeal microwaved with water. She adds ¼ cup almond milk and Dales Raw Foods Vegan Protein Shake mixed with water. Another quick A.M. meal Joyce occasionally makes is three scrambled egg whites and one whole egg, a slice of gluten-free toast and a glass of Basic Greens.

Basic Greens not only serves as a nourishing breakfast option, it’s an immune system booster and energizer. The gluten-free, 40 calorie drink is flavored with natural stevia, cinnamon and mint. Joyce drinks Basic Greens straight up in her Shaker Bottle to feel fantastic. She even concocts a “Chocolate Chip Mint Protein Shake” to curb her ice cream cravings. (Blend 1 scoop of Basic Greens, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 cup almond milk and ice.)

Here’s another reason to love Joyce: She gave us an exclusive discount! Use Coupon Code “AZSpaGirls10” for $10 off your Basic Greens purchase at

To learn more about Joyce and nutrition, visit and You can also connect with Basic Greens on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



  1. Tracey says:

    Joyce is an inspiration and Basic Greens have added greatly to my overall sense of wellness.

  2. Lisa Kasanicky says:

    Thanks for the comment Tracey! We agree!

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