Fresh Face Appletini Toner

apple cider vinegar toner

Tone up with this all-natural facial toner for squeaky clean skin. We are constantly toning; toning our arms, toning our tummies, toning our bums. With a whole lotta tonin’ going on we tend to neglect toning our faces. Yes, your heard us right and no, we’re not talking about a super secret set of facial exercises that […]

Vegan Skincare Tips from the Experts at Zolton’s

Green Beauty

Go vegan with your skincare routine. Carmen Cherry of Zolton’s in Scottsdale tells us how! Earth Day beauty isn’t just about being good to mother nature, it’s about being good to your skin, too! Carmen Cherry, licensed aesthetician at Zolton’s Salon & Day Spa in Scottsdale, is a vegan and highly-skilled vegan cook who incorporates […]