Better than Chocolate Body Scrub

Get a cocoa kick from this chocolate body scrub. Legend has it that the great Mayan Emperor Montezuma tossed back some 50 cups of chocolate a day. My question is: What did he have for dessert? Today, the good news about chocolate, especially the dark variety, just keeps on coming. Not only does it kick […]

Cocoalicious Body Glow

Bring out your glow with this do-it-yourself chocolate body scrub. You know that warm, glowing sensation you get when you’re first caught in the throngs of Cupid’s arrow? Or that singular flush that comes from biting into a decadent dark chocolate dessert? Well somewhere in between love and chocolate is normal, everyday life and this […]

In the Name of Love

He comes but once a year. Cupid rides into town on his rose-laced chariot, spilling with sugary sweet heart-shaped candies and romantic intentions. But left in his trail are wilted flowers and binger’s remorse. Change all that with an irresistibly sweet spa treatment. Grab your sweetheart, your best gal pals, or ditch everyone for a […]

Valentine's Day Spa Specials

Spoil yourself or spread the spa love with these smokin’ hot Valentine’s Day special offers. Hurry, there’s only a limited time to get down with these sweet deals because cupid is right around the corner! Sweet Heart Special at Fuchsia, Mesa: Feel sweet all over with a triple cocoa and cane sugar body scrub topped […]

Love Thyself

You love yourself. You think you’re grand. You go to the movies and you hold your hand. You wrap your arms around your waste. And when you get fresh, you smack your face. That, my friends, is a twisted nursery rhyme that I picked up in my formative years and can still able cite from […]