Valentine’s Day Not-so-Pitiful Pity Party

Host a no fuss, no muss, no guys, home spa party. Single and dreading the year’s gushiest holiday? Why not spaaah the singled-out holiday away with a relaxing, girls-only spa party at home? Instead of spending time and moola getting all dolled up for a date, get the gals together for a rejuvenating date at […]

Girls Night In

Need a relaxing night at home with the girls? Plan a girls night in spa party! Who needs smoky bars, pricey food and cheap pick-up lines when you can hang with the girls? This party calls for comfy jammies, chick flicks, gooey homemade spa treatments, the munchiest of munchies and a heap o’ chitchat. Invite […]

Home Spa Beauty Recipes Seen on 12 News Valley Dish

If you missed our home spa segment on Friday’s 12 News Valley Dish, here are the beauty recipes seen on the show. These DIY concoctions are simple to whip up at home with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. And yes, that is the gorgeous and fearless host Tram Mai, decked out Spa […]

Rosemary Honey Hair Mask

A deep conditioning hair mask. According to the National Honey Board, bees travel as far as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a pound of honey. Guess that’s were the expression “busy as a bee” came from. What does all that toil amount to? A […]

Go For Glow

Lackluster skin, feet the texture of 40-grit sandpaper, and elbows so scratchy they could cut glass all mean one thing: time for a springtime scrub-down. And lucky for us, spas do come in a jar. Prepare to go bare with these energizing, spa-inspired body scrubs. You’ll find one to please every taste and for every […]