Morning After Cooling Eye Gel

Cucumber Eye Treatment

A soothing, all-natural treatment for tired eyes.

Did you overdo it (again)? Not to worry! We have a simple and inexpensive way to perk up the signs of overworked, tired or partied-too-hard peepers. This cooling DIY eye treatment soothes and decreases inflammation with the dynamic duo power of aloe vera gel and fresh cucumber. The aloe helps firm the skin and lighten dark circles while the cucumber hydrates and helps diminish puffiness. You can get pure aloe vera gel at most drug and health food stores, which is great to have on hand for minor cuts and burns.

Party on Spa Girl, we won’t tell!

Here’s what you need:

  • 4 tablespoons 100% pure aloe vera gel
  • 1/4 cucumber

Here’s what you do:

Rinse, peel and remove seeds from the cucumber and cut into small chunks. Blend the cucumber in a food processor or blender until it is liquified. Strain the cucumber through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl. Place the aloe gel in a glass measuring cup and add about a tablespoon of the cucumber juice. Blend well and pour the mixture into a bottle with a well-fitting lid and chill in the refrigerator. Dab the cooling eye treatment around the eyes. Store the mixture in the fridge for up to two weeks.


  1. This is a wonderful cooling eye gel. I have been using this eye gel for years and love it! This is fantastic way to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

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