In-the-Room Tips

Okay, you’re here! So now what?

  • If you like to gab, go ahead, but if you don’t, a good therapist will take the cue from your silence.
  • Breathe deeply to focus your mind, enliven your spirit and relax your body.
  • Visualize knots coming loose, tension melting away and ill thoughts releasing from your mind.
  • Let go and don’t help the therapist lift your arm or turn your head.
  • If there was ever a moment to live in, this is the one. Focus on the present.
  • Once your treatment is over, take time to reflect on your experience. Lie back in a lounge chair, still in your robe and slippers, with a glass of water or juice at your side. Savor the relaxing or invigorating benefits of your spa service. If possible, plan your day so you can nap after your treatment.

Photo courtesy: Jurlique Spa at FireSky Resort & Spa

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