Clean Sweep: Makeup Brush Maintenance 101

By Shana King
Makeup artist and creator, Adesign Brushes

Dirt, dust and bacteria should be the last thing that comes in contact with your tender skin, and the first line of defense is proper care and maintenance of your makeup brushes. If your brushes aren’t given the TLC they deserve, they can become magnets for bacteria (gross) and will lead to poor makeup application and irritated skin (double gross). Taking care of your brushes will save you time, money and your face!

To get the skinny on brush maintenance 101, we asked professional makeup artist and founder of adesign brushes Shana King for her advice. Here, she shares four easy tips for cleaning, maintaining and storing your essential beauty tools.

  • Cleaning: Once a month, use a mild soap or shampoo mixed with water and gently work it through the bristles. Swirl the brush in circles in the palm of your hand and rinse under tepid water until the water runs clear.
  • Drying: If possible, hang your brushes up to dry with bristles facing the floor to ensure that all moisture is evaporated. Whatever you do, make sure they are fully dry before stashing them.
  • Storage: Store brushes in their custom pouches to ensure that they stay clean and bristles won’t be crushed. If you don’t have a pouch, always store them away from cosmetics and other products. Keep them in a canister or cleanable brush roll and be sure to wash out your canister on a monthly basis too.
  • Quick Cleanings: As needed, use an alcohol-free makeup remover pad to remove excess makeup in between monthly washes.
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