Give Yourself a Hand: Self-Massage for Deserving Digits

Self Reflexology Self Massage Hands

Are your digits due for a little TLC? Use these self-massage and reflexology techniques to relieve tension in fingers, hands and wrists. When your purse strings are tight or you simply do not have time to make it to the spa, it is important to remember to take time out to pamper yourself. Relaxation and […]

Spa Visit Quick Tips

The fine art of relaxation doesn’t come naturally for some of us. Here are a few quick reminders on how to make the most of your spa experience. Ask questions before you go, while you’re there and afterward. The more informed you are, the more likely you’ll enjoy yourself. Eat light before you come so […]

In-the-Room Tips

Okay, you’re here! So now what? If you like to gab, go ahead, but if you don’t, a good therapist will take the cue from your silence. Breathe deeply to focus your mind, enliven your spirit and relax your body. Visualize knots coming loose, tension melting away and ill thoughts releasing from your mind. Let […]

Spa Etiquette

Okay, so some rules are not meant to be broken! As a SpaGirl, you not only have the responsibility of behaving at the spa, you also have the obligation to represent the rest of us well. Here are some traditional and not-so-traditional SpaGirl etiquette guidelines. leave the kids at home: Good golly miss molly! SpaGirls […]