Coffee Buzz Foot Scrub

coffee foot scrub

A fully caffeinated foot scrub that gives dry skin the boot. Beyond its obvious energy boosting benefits, coffee has a host of other healing benefits. Did you know that coffee grinds can help alleviate callused feet? It’s true! This coffee foot scrub recipe teams up ground coffee with sea salt and corn meal for a trio […]

Polished Nail Spa’s Sugar Foot Scrub

A good-enough-to-eat home spa sugar foot scrub. Michelle Vandeburg, owner of Polished Nail Spa in Scottsdale, has a secret weapon to lull her clients into blissful submission. Her fresh-made DIY sugar foot scrub! And after much coaxing, she was generous enough to share her secret recipe. Super simple, super sweet and yummy enough to eat, […]

Sunny’s Tired Tootsies Remedy

A soothing, at home spa treatment for feet. Daily grind wreaking havoc on your feet? This recipe is just what the Spa Girl ordered. This simple, at-home aromatherapy  treatment for feet is the perfect prescription for sore soles. Before you go to bed tonight, rub it in and give those tired tootsies what they want and need. Here’s […]

Mulling Over it Foot Soak

Cinnamon, spice and everything nice foot soak. Mulling spices tend to be one of those items we pick up once a year and that end up at the back of our cupboards after the holiday season leaves town. Our cure for that? Make a foot soak of course! Mulling spices are an aromatic blend of […]

Stinky Feet Be-Gone Spray

A cooling and deodorizing spritz for your feet and body. Great for stinky boy feet! Here’s what you need: 1/4 cup distilled water 1/4 cup vodka 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 3 to 5 drops tea tree oil 3 to 5 drops lemon essential oil Here’s what you do: Combine all ingredients and pour into […]

Shabby Foot Scrub

Got rough, dry feet? SpaGirls to the rescue! This little ditty uses ground walnuts to remove your dead skin cells and replenish your skin moisture. And as a bonus, the caster and olive oil in will enhance your nail flexibility, leaving them less prone to chipping and breaking. Here’s what you need: 1/2 cup shelled […]