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Battle of the Bump

It never fails. Just before any big shindig, a pimple the size of Texas erupts somewhere front and center on my face. My standard pre-party checklist: a hot Betsey Johnson number, a trendy piece of jewelry, shoes to kill and a super-size tube of blemish cream. But there is help. Armed with a game plan […]

Love Thyself

You love yourself. You think you’re grand. You go to the movies and you hold your hand. You wrap your arms around your waste. And when you get fresh, you smack your face. That, my friends, is a twisted nursery rhyme that I picked up in my formative years and can still able cite from […]

Tried-and-True Cucumber Soak

Cucumber Eye Mask

Okay, it’s not just a wives’ tale … cucumbers really do help relieve puffiness, sore eyes and eye fatigue. Cukes have a high water content, which helps soothe and cool eyes. The trace amounts of salt helps draw excess water from the tissue surrounding the eyes, reducing puffiness. They also help to tone and firm […]

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